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We have a fascination with tile and would like to share its allure with you.

     Tile is the magic of color, texture and luster fused by fire. Mix tile with any surface, any room, or the garden and this simple alchemy transforms even the most drab and mundane object or area into a visual feast!
     At Tegas, we create tile designs for existing surfaces and also create tiled art works. Much of this custom work is produced in our studio and then delivered to you and installed. Stimulate your artistic palette by viewing our portfolio. We hope you see the magic that can happen when tile is mixed with creativity.
     To purchase a piece you've seen here or to discuss ideas you may have for adding a little creative flair to your living space, contact us: | (707) 677-3140 | 1025 8th Avenue, Westhaven, CA 95570.

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